JOYO AC-40 Acoustic Amplifier

JOYO AC-40 Acoustic Amplifier

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JOYO AC-40 Acoustic Amplifier - kombo pre akustickú - elektroakustickú gitaru.

As long as 3 hours of usage when fully charged.The AC-40 acoustic amplifier is developed on the basis of the popular AC-20. While retaining the high sound quality, it is more powerful, more portable due to its built in battery and therefore a great choice for outdoor performances. Its 40W (RMS) power can easily meet the requirements for small live shows and can be used as long as 3 hours continuously when fully charged. Based on the AC-20’s DSP circuit, it delivers the same sonic clarity and will satisfy your amplifier demands without a doubt.

●      Built-in rechargeable battery to support outdoor performances.

●      AUX IN to connect CD player, MP3 or similar devices.

●      Mic channel features a reverb.

●      A dynamic microphone channel gives you a clear and powerful vocal sound.

●      3 DSP effects can be used simultaneously.

●      Built-in high performance DSP chip to provide 3DSP effects(CHORUS,DELAY, REVERB)

●      2X 6.5inch speaker

●      40W of power(20W+20W)

●      An amplification characteristic and EQ curve specially designed for acoustic guitars. It gives you a nice and bright treble with rich mid-low frequencies.