JOYO JF-303 Little Blaster

JOYO JF-303 Little Blaster

  • Dostupnosť: skladom
  • Kód produktu: 546800303
  • Výrobca: JOYO

Cena bez DPH:

25,67 € 46,67 €

Cena s DPH:

30,80 € 56,00 €

zľava: 45% ušetríte: 25,20 €

Efekt vhodný na rock a punk - správne nabudí signál. Efekt zo série Ironman series mini pedals.

The Little Blaster sounds dirty and mean, but never loses its clarity. It just cuts through a mix like a knife a leaves ample room for the bass player to do his job. When it comes to rock and punk rhythm work, the Little Blaster delivers.