JOYO JF-308 Golden Face

JOYO JF-308 Golden Face

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  • Kód produktu: 546800308
  • Výrobca: JOYO

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45,83 €

Cena s DPH:

55,00 €

- Amp Simulator britského apatátu. Efekt zo série Ironman series mini pedals.

The Golden Face Amp Simulator walks in the big footsteps of the famous british  amps with the golden faceplate. If you’ve ever played one of these amps you will feel right at home with the Golden Face. The high end, the mids, it will all feel very familiar and you will be playing and recording your favorite british riffs in no time. Whether you use it direct into a mixing console, audio interface or in front of an amp, The Golden Face will become a creative tool in your arsenal.



Sound Demo: