JOYO JF-321 Bullet Metal

JOYO JF-321 Bullet Metal

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  • Kód produktu: 546800321
  • Výrobca: JOYO

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JOYO JF-321 Bullet Metal - pre všetkých metalistov! Efekt zo série Ironman series mini pedals.

The Bullet metal will be the best friend of every metal guitar player. The pick on your string will be the trigger and once you pluck it the bullet shoots out of the barrel to unleash a metal fury full of power and accuracy.The built in GATE function is great to make sure that there is no extra noise between the chords or single notes. Of course, the gate’s threshold is adjustable. Bring the Bullet Metal to your metal-fest and know that even when you are not using it, its true bypass design ensures that your guitar signal remains of the highest quality.