JOYO JF-326 Pedal Tuner

JOYO JF-326 Pedal Tuner

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  • Kód produktu: 546800326
  • Výrobca: JOYO

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45,83 €

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55,00 €

JOYO JF-326 Pedal Tuner - ladička. Efekt zo série Ironman series mini pedals.

The Irontune is a high precision pedal tuner in the most compact design and can be used for guitar or bass. The advanced technology has an accuracy of +/- 1cent and reacts really fast. The semi-transparent flip-top design is different than the other Ironman pedals and clearly let the display shine through. The illuminated LED display is easy to see in any light condition. The Irontune brings tuning precision and high sensitivity together in an incredibly small enclosure. A True Bypass circuit minimizes signal loss.

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