JOYO OD-30 - 30W tube guitar tube combo

JOYO OD-30 - 30W tube guitar tube combo

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JOYO OD-30 - 30W tube guitar tube combo - 25W elektónkové kombo pre elektrickú gitaru.


designed this guitar amp with the entry-level user in mind. Unlike most other entry-level amps, however, the OD-30 uses a real 12AX7 tube in the preamp with transistor circuitry to produce a more intense distortion effect--you get the awesome high gain tone with warmersound.
Dual-channel settings with easy switching: flip the switch on the front panel or connect a controller to the back panel jack. Comes with FX LOOP I/O so you can hook up your chorus, reverb or other effects, and what’s more it’s got an AUX IN so you can connect your CD or MP3player and practice along with music accompaniment.

1x12AX7 tube
1x10 inch electric guitar dedicated speaker
Drive and Clean Channel
Power: 25 Watt
AUX IN interface