KREMONA R65S Soloist Rondo

KREMONA R65S Soloist Rondo

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Španielka 4/4 KREMONA model R65S Soloist Rondo - klasická gitara.

Rondo series in Kremona catalog deals with completely acoustic nylon-stringed guitars. Top model of this line is Rondo R65RS, a non-cutaway classic made of high quality materials and wood. Walnut, spruce, mahogany and rosewood are combined for this model. Walnut is used only on side and back panels of the body It is one of the heavy-weight champions among the tone woods, so it`s use is often restricted to back and sides.

Spruce is traditionally featured only on the sound board and Kremona follows that tradition with no exceptions. Mahogany is only used for the neck on this Rondo. The neck is attached at the 12th fret and topped with a 19-fret fingerboard made of rosewood. To match the fingerboard, Kremona also made the bridge of rosewood.