Savarez 540CR nylonové struny

Savarez 540CR nylonové struny

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NEW SETS FOR CLASSICAL GUITAR   For the first time, Savarez has made a set of strings which combines the New Cristal trebles and the HT Classic basses... New sensations coming your way in spring 2007   NEW CRISTAL trebles   Beautiful sound of "high-tech" nylon Purity and brightness of crystal Easy response Perfect tuning "New Cristal" so called because they are conceived with a type of nylon optimized with the latest production technologies.  

Bright and transparent, they have the advantages of unrectified strings: feel, playability, sound quality.   Theprecision of the physical and chemical treatments applied to the lengthening and the amount of crystallinity in the string give it a beautiful sound and perfect tuning.   These cutting edge technologies allow a perfectly constant diameter and a very accurate adjustment of the tension of each string.   HT CLASSIC basses   Ideal response for speed Rich and bright timbre Big projection A more percussive sound Volume and power. Research into string rigidity led to the more rigid HT Classic basses.